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Bạn đang xem: Co2 + ba(oh)2 = baco3 + h2o


CO3+H2OAtomic wt. Of
CO3=137+12+16×3=197No. Of mole=wt. Of substancemol wt.∵1mole of
Ba(OH)2gives1mole of
CO3∴0.205mole of
Ba(OH)2will give0.205mole of
CO3∴wt. Of0.205mole of
CO3will be0.205×197=40.385gm≈40.5gm

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What is Barium Hydroxide?

Barium hydroxide is also called as baryta with the formula Ba(OH)2. It is a clear white powder with no odour. It is poisonous in nature. It is ionic in nature for example, Ba(OH)2 (barium hydroxide) in aqueous solution can provide two hydroxide ions per molecule. Barium hydroxide is the only reagent described for metalizing carboxamides
Barium hydroxide was less degradative as compared lớn barium oxide.

Other name – Caustic baryta, Barium dihydroxide, barium(2+) dihydroxide

Ba(OH)2Barium Hydroxide
Density3.74 g/cm³
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass171.34 g/mol
Boiling Point780 °C
Melting Point78 °C
Chemical FormulaBa

Table of Contents

2" name="Barium-hydroxide-Structure-Ba(OH)2">

Barium hydroxide Structure – Ba(OH)2


2" name="Physical-Properties-of-Barium-hydroxide-Ba(OH)2">

Physical Properties of Barium hydroxide – Ba(OH)2

AppearanceWhite solid
Covalently-Bonded Unit3
Vapour Pressure0.48 k
Pa at 17.6 deg C
SolubilitySlightly soluble in cold water

2" name="Use-of-Barium-hydroxide-Ba(OH)2">

Uses of Barium hydroxide – Ba(OH)2

Barium hydroxide forms a strong caustic base in aqueous solution. It has many uses, e.g., as a demo for sulphides; in pesticides; in the manufacture of alkali và glass.Use of barium hydroxide lime rather than soda lime, high sevoflurane concentration, high absorbent temperature, và fresh absorbent use.Used in the manufacture of alkalis, glass, oil and grease additives, barium soaps, và other barium compounds.

Health Hazard

Inhalation of barium dusts can cause irritation of the nose & upper respiratory tract & may produce benign pneumoconiosis known as baritosis.Barium ions are toxic to muscles especially heart, producing stimulation & then paralysis.It is extremely dangerous neurotoxin. Adverse effect may result lượt thích effects on the heart & the function of the central nervous system (CNS).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of barium hydroxide?

Industrially, barium hydroxide is used as a precursor to several other barium compounds. The monohydrate of this compound is widely used khổng lồ dehydrate và extract sulfate from different products. The very low solubility of barium sulfate is utilized in this application.

How is barium hydroxide prepared?

Barium hydroxide is usually prepared by dissolving barium oxide (chemical formula: Ba
O) in water. The chemical equation for this reaction is provided below.

O + 9 H2O → Ba(OH)2·8H2O

It can be noted that this compound crystallizes into the octahydrate form, which is then converted into a monohydrate by heating it in air.

What happens when barium hydroxide is heated?

When heated lớn 800° C, barium hydroxide decomposes to yield barium oxide. Barium carbonate is provided by reaction with carbon dioxide. The strongly alkaline, aqueous solution undergoes neutralization reactions with acids.

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